Zero Sugar Candy Cubes Pop Soda Syrup Concentrate 500 ml • Make 12.5 Litres of Sugar-Free and Off-Taste Free Soft Drink by mixing flavouring into carbonated bubbly Fizzy water.

Create Your Own Refreshing Soft Drink: Make your own Candy Cubes soda or flavoured water juice, or even a fizzy beverage from scratch at your home. Simply add carbonated or sparkling bubbly water, and you’ll be able to enjoy an intense aroma as well as a delicious taste beverage


The recipe is extremely simple: Incorporate 40mls of highly concentrated syrup for candy pop flavoring into 1 litre of carbonated, smoky water. Shake it well and then gently swirl before pouring it into a glass, and voila. Enjoy it as a drink or as a mixer for your favourite cocktails

100% Sugar-Free Your taste buds will be satisfied but cut back on calories due to the replacement of sugar with Sucralose that is 600 times more sweet than sugar. This sugar-free soda syrup provides just 5 calories per 100ml of serving. (Diabetic and Vegan safe)

Multi-Purpose Favoured Ingredient Zero Soda Concentrate is one of the most versatile products. The flavouring concentrate that is natural is best for beverages as other food products, including dairy products, ice creams Jams, still drinks 1-32, sugar free 1+17 slush, and more.

Amazing Value-for-Money: A single bottle of 500 ml is 12.5 Liquids. Both the unmatchable quantity and quality is the work of the company’s ambitious efforts to come on top of the market with brand new essences and concentrate products in order to meet growing requirements of consumers. (Available in a variety of flavours)

Why choose ZERO Candy CUBES SYRUP

Aromhuset gives you 500 ml Sugar Cubes Pop-Liquid Concentrate to create your soda to drink at your house, pubs, bars, restaurants, among others. It contains a very rich deep, robust, and full-bodied flavor. A very versatile flavouring concentrate great for creating beverages, soft drinks and flavoured water. It can also be added to various food applications. Its pleasant scent and delicious sensation will have you bubble over with excitement.


Boons, Features, And Advantages

Premium Taste – natural ingredients with an exquisite taste and intriguing taste combinations

It is not colouring and does not contain preservatives. It does not include AZO colours or ingredients, nor other preservatives needed for a healthier, safer lifestyles.

Zero Sugar is a sugar-free alternative that does not provide added sugar. Kids’ Favourite Tastes similar to sugary cubes that kids eat

Mixer can be used as a mixer – can be used as a mixer for Brandy, Whisky, and Bitters

How To Use

Carbonate 1 Liter of ice-cold the water into a bottle. 40 ml of the concentrate

Close the bottle and shake the bottle upside down a several times

Take 10 seconds to wait, and serve.

When you’ve opened it, put it away in an open, dry space at ambient temperature

Product Specifications

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Ingredients: Glycerine, Water, Citric Acid, Candy Natural Flavoring, Sucralose
Calories per 100ml: 5 kcal
Quantity: 500 ml
Packaging Included: Bottle

The Feature: No added sugar A sweetener that’s made from sugar but 600 times stronger Sucralose