When Child Custody is Given to Grandparents

Custody rights can be obtained by grandparents. Different circumstances are going to dictate this but we are faced with one really complicated topic. Custody is received by both or just one parent. In different special circumstances the grandparents might also receive these rights.

If you want to see the grandparents receiving custody rights you will first have to see one judge that is convinced this is in the best interest of the child. For instance, if there is an accident and the injuries that both parents suffered will stop them from taking care of the child grandparents might receive parenting rights. Disputes wil appear in the event that courts will decide that both parents lose custody rights. Unfortunately this is one type of event that is actually quite common nowadays. Grandparents gain custody when:
– Parents choose to not be parents anymore
– The child is abandoned by the parents
– There are clear and disturbing problems in the parent-child relationship
– There is no safety environment provided by the parents for their children
– Parents turn out to be dangerous, abusive and hurt children

When one parent will lose his/her parental rights we consider the other one to be a sole guardian of the child. If both the father and the mother lost parental rights then they are usually given to a member of the family that can provide safety. If grandparents can offer one environment that is suitable for a child then they are considered. In order to become the guardian of a child you will need to go through a long legal process. Courts always want to make sure that children are taken care of. One of the truly important factors we have to analyze stands in the personal education and financial needs coverage. There is also the possibility that a grandparent becomes a co-guardian if just one parent lost his parenting rights.