Criminal Defense Lawyer and DUI Cases

Don't drink and drive. It's a very simple rule and yet many people violate it. If you're facing a DUI case, you can still escape from punishment through the help of a capable criminal defense lawyer.

Drinking under liquor influence is a bad thing to do because you're putting yourself in danger and other people in the road. Oftentimes, punishment includes suspension of your driver's license so make sure that you act immediately. If you're brought to jail and you're required to post bail to ensure your freedom, contact your defense lawyer at once.

After being bailed out, it's now time to talk with your lawyer and handle the matter in court together. In the US, DUI cases are divided into 2 cases – the criminal court case and the case under the Department of Motor Vehicles. These cases should be handled within ten days beginning on the date of your arrest.

Like all other criminal court cases, it will start with the arraignment. Most defense lawyers will tell their client to plead ‘not guilty' even if they're guilty of the crime. If this is the case, your defense lawyer will have ample time to review all the case facts to establish defense.

There are so many defense strategies that the lawyer can use to prove your innocence. DUI is not as grave as murder, so try to relax and remember not to commit it next time around.

Most defense lawyers will argue that there is lack of evidence or probably cause when the police stopped your car. By making this argument, evidences to be presented by the police may be suppressed.

Another good argument is the faulty result of the ‘blood alcohol test' or BAC. Through this test, the alcohol level in the person's blood can be determined. Unsafe driving can only happen once the individual has reached the maximum limit of the alcohol level. Faulty results may be due to improper administration of the BAC test, improperly maintained test equipments, or your lawyer can also argue that you have a medical health condition which impairs the test's reliability.

The defense lawyer can also attack the witnesses, particularly the officer who arrested you. If the defense can ruin the credibility of the police concerned, then the case will surely favor you. Some witnesses tend to feel uneasy when sitting on the witness stand and if your lawyer is intimidating, the witness may be able to give inconsistent testimonies.

If you're guilty of DUI and your defense lawyer has done everything in his capacity to establish defense but with no luck, you may be advised to accept an agreement for the favorable plea. If you do this, the charges for your DUI case will be reduced.

Clients who wish to continue the trial despite the advice of the defense lawyer to accept such agreement mentioned above will only suffer the consequences. The accused can incur a permanent criminal record which will be attached to him for the rest of his life.

Make sure that you hire a criminal defense lawyer who is an expert in handling DUI cases. Criminal cases vary and so you really need to get a good one. If you don't want to be charged with DUI, never drive when you're already drunk. Preventing DUI cases is still the best so that you won't incur any legal costs.

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