Mothers Rights and Child Custody

When referring to mothers rights in child custody we saw many changes in the past 100 years. The beginning of the 1990s saw fathers get most custodies. This happened at that point in time due to the man’s financial power. Nowadays money does not stand out as such an important factor in determining who will get custody. Today we are happy to see an equal importance given to rights of both parties. Although the mother might not gain as much money as the father she will not lose custody because of this.

Till the seventies new changes appeared in custody giving. In that period courts believed that mothers are better as sole caregiver. As time did pass all evolved to the standards that we see applied today. Nowadays we are faced with one decision based on the child’s best situation. Even so, some courts still favor mothers in all seen custody battles. These courts think that mothers are offering primary child care because they are involved in most activities since the moment they give birth. Contrary to what you might believe, even if you are not financially stable you might end up with advantages as the mother of the child in a custody case. Some of the strategies that you can use are to work really well when talking about custody.

Even if we do see that the mother has one highly important role, the father stands out as equally important. Nowadays it seems that most people know how important it is to keep both parents involved so that the child can develop properly. When parents divorce and child custody cases begin problems also surface. Even after the divorce the best solution possible is to have both parents taking care of the child. While most courts will show a favoring of mothers rights in child custody cases, this does change and equality is put into both parents. The one solution that is ideal is to look for an arrangement that will suit the main interests of the children.