Really Interesting Child Custody Statistics

We can not help it feeling worried when analyzing various child custody statistics. Unfortunately many problems can appear when we need to deal wih any custody dispute. Problems are always possible and we are faced with one negative child impact that should be taken seriously. Let us take a look at some child custody statistics you will surely find interesting.

The very first thing that we have to analyze in child custody statistics stands in father condition. You should know that around 90 percent of the fathers that are divorced lack full custody rights. Unfortunately stats tell us that 60% of the young suicides come from children that have grown up without fathers.

Also, out of all rapists and children showing behavioral disorders around 80% of them have grown up in fatherless houses. We can say that this is definitely sad because almost half of the fathers do not receive visitation rights. All turns into something highly sad as out of all mothers 50% believe that there is no need for a father in the life of a child and that this has no real impact. In most cases mothers really want to get full custody and might also want to minimize the father’s rights to keep him away from the child. Also, we see 70%of fathers being sad as they think they do not spend the time that they should with kids.

It is very interesting to also look at child custody statistics linked with child support. Also, out of all the fathers that lack child visitation rights 45% will still support children. Also, just 10% of fathers will not want to be in any way involved in the child’s life after divorce. We do know an interesting fact in telling you that 66% of all fathers are actually not paying for child support because they can not afford it, not because they do not want to.

We have to tell you that it would be better if both the parents would be involved in the child’s life. It was shown that one in 4 kids end up committing suicide in an environment when one parent is absent. This is just one of many other examples you can learn from child custody statistics. We have to tell you that when you are in a custody battle you should only think about your child and what to do to not impact his life too negatively has to be a priority.