Understanding Types of Child Custody

Before actually understanding different types of child custody we need to see what they are. Contrary to the beliefs of different people, we are not at all in front of one topic that ends with full custody given to a parent. In fact, four different child custody cases have to be discussed. A court will decide upon which one is best in the event of a divorce or problems between parents. We should talk about legal custody, sole custody, physical custody and joint custody.

Legal custody definitely is important. A parent with legal custody can make every decision that is connected with the needs of the child. This is not limited to but also includes education and religion. Most of the courts try awarding joint legal custody. It is always preferred as parents get to hold personal legal custody rights. You need to understand the importance of having both parents in the life of a child.

Physical custodies can also be awarded by courts. This basically means that the child is to live with a parent while the other one has visitation rights. When children can spend equal amounts of time with fathers and mothers the possibility of joint physical custody. In this circumstance we see that both of the parents receive equal rights together with time spent with children.

The one child custody type we find to be really drastic is sole custody. This is the circumstance in which one of the parents receives full rights. This includes physical and legal custody. The good news is that even if sole custody is awarded Family Courts do not want to completely eliminate one child from the life of one parent. The only circumstance when this will happen is when we have enough proof that a parent will not be able to raise the child properly. Sole legal custody is really rare.

The last child custody type we have to talk about is joint custody. This is one common type that is really good for children if all details are worked out properly. Whenever you need to deal with child custody trials you need to always think about going out and hiring a good lawyer. You are about to be involved in a huge decision that can impact your child’s life so there is a need to be very attentive.