What Should Be Known About Child Custody for Unmarried Parents?

In the year 1990 we saw many births happening from unmarried mothers. In fact, 1 of 3 children appeared with these conditions around them. All the decisions that unmarried parents will take can cause emotional shifts in the life of the child. This can lead to problems as he/she is growing up. The truth that some people do not understand is that in order to grow up properly one child needs both parents around. Even if one couple ends up separating, the child has to be properly taken care of. It is highly advised that you pay close attention to the behavior of the child in order to spot all problems that he might have.

In most cases unmarried parents end up thinking that they will be married when the child is growing up. Unfortunately many variables will possibly appear. Child custody battles can easily appear from this. According to statistics the mother is to gain custody rights in 85 % of cases. If she was a main caregiver we can be faced with even higher percentages. Unfortunately, in most situations this leads to the father being excluded from the life of the child. Unmarried parents have a much bigger chance of facing really big arguments than divorced couples. Unfortunately we do see children being used as merely children to hurt other people at times. Every single child that has to grow with just one parent in his/her life can be scarred psychologically.

Any child custody case is difficult. The good news is that most courts will think about the interests of the child when making a decision. We recommend that you talk with specialists on the subject in order to gain more information if you are unmarried parents. When a separation takes places this can be even more true. There is no reason why the child should suffer for mistakes that you did.