Zero Candy Cubes Review: A Premium Fizz with No Off-Taste?

We have recently been able to get our hands Aromhuset’s Zero Sweet Candy Cubes Pop Soda Syrup Concentrate and we must say that it’s a complete revelation for homemade soft drinks. If you’re looking to become a bit of a mixologist or are looking more healthy options for drinks the syrup is the perfect solution.

With just a 40ml squirt of concentrated syrup into a litre of fizzy water it was possible to create our own sugar-free beverages that are refreshing and guilt-free. The range of applications for this product is astounding in that it’s more than just for making sodas, but it can also be a creative addition to cocktails, ice creams or baked goods. We loved trying different amounts to discover our ideal mix. We used less for a faint hint or higher for a more pronounced flavor.


However, it’s hardly delicious fizzy delight. While a majority of us thought it was delicious and pretty close to some premium brands, a few considered the taste to be a tad synthetic with an aftertaste that lasted just a bit long. Also, considering the price at a reasonable price, it’s costly for many, especially considering that it’s a syrup that you mix at home. However, if you’re interested in tailoring the sweetness of your soda and are a fan of having multiple drinks available from one bottle it’s an investment in the pantry that we think is worthwhile to make.

The Bottom Line

The Zero Sugar Cubes from Aromhuset is a ideal addition for anyone wanting to embark on a unique experience with soda or looking to cut down on sugar intake. With the capability to whip up more than 12 litres in the same bottle, they’re practical and entertaining.

Attractive Overview of Zero Sugar candy Cubes that Pop Soda Syrup

Recently, we got to taste the Zero Candy Cubes syrup from Aromhuset and it’s an absolute game-changer for at-home soda making. One of the most intriguing aspects of the syrup is its ease of making a refreshing drink. In just a couple of minutes, swirling this syrup dissolved in carbonated water, we conjured up an amazing soda that’s tasty and vegan-friendly.

The syrup is incredibly versatile and doesn’t have to be limited to drinks. We’ve found it’s an ideal addition to food items and adds delightful flavour to homemade ice cream and baked desserts. The fact that it’s sugar free and enhanced with Sucralose can make it a option for those looking to enjoy a healthy diet.

Certainly, the convenience of creating a substantial 12.5 L from a bottle indicates that this syrup offers solid value. While the taste might not quite match that of the most famous brands however it is remarkably close to the original taste, even without the sugar. The range of flavors means there’s something for everyone to delight in. Though some might find the taste a bit synthetic, for us, delight in customizing the strength according to our preference outweighed this, making it an excellent addition to our kitchen.

Effortless Homemade Beverage Creation

Making delicious, homemade drinks is now easier than ever before. We’ve taken the love of fizz to the next dimension with Aromhuset’s Zero Sulfate Candy Cubes. It’s been fun to turn simple carbonated water into a variety of sugar free soft drinks from our kitchen. With only the equivalent of 40ml, 1 litre of fizzy drink transforms into a tasty drink with that rich aroma and wonderful taste we’ve all come to love.

This syrup isn’t only about quenching thirst. It’s about making the perfect drink to enjoy at any time. When we mix cocktails or needing a refreshing soda substitute it does the trick. We’ve also experimented with less syrup than the recommended amount for an a little more delicate sweetness, and it’s still delicious!

But, there aren’t everyone’s rainbow that’s free of sugar. Although most of us love that familiar cola flavor, some of our readers noticed a chemical aftertaste when tasting particular flavors like Blood Orange. If you think about how much drinks you can drink from a bottle, we believe it’s a great value particularly for those who are looking for the option of a diabetic-friendly and vegan alternative.

All in all, the Aromhuset concentrate helps you personalize your drink easily. There’s no need to buy cans from the supermarket – now is the time to make your own drink days!

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The Best Part of Sugar-Free Food

We’ve stumbled upon a real jewel for those moments when you want to indulge in sweets It’s a great alternative to the guilt! They’re Zero Sugar Chocolate Cubes that can make the process of making your own fizzy drink not just interesting but incredibly easy. We added 40ml from this magical drink into the sparkling water and gave it a swirl and voila! refreshing drink with a very rich smell, all while reducing calories.

The sugar-free syrup made by Aromhuset did not disappoint us in terms of taste. It’s quite sweet thanks to Sucralose. It’s also diabetic-friendly which means you can indulge without the spikes in sugar. The variety of this syrup has led us to explore beyond beverages. We’ve used it in an ice cream recipe and even baking and it’s always delicious.

A point of contention is the flavours didn’t all receive the same amount of praise. Some of us found the Blood Orange flavour a tad bitter However, taste is subjective doesn’t it? But, the majority of us likened its flavor to the big-brand diet colas that we’ve tried, which is a huge win in our book. Also, with that much syrup available The bottle itself makes 12.5 litres, we’re well-prepared for a good time.

A hint from our side Adjusting the ratio of syrup to water might be key if you find that the sweetness is too overwhelming. Take your time finding your ideal mix!

Multi-Purpose Favour for Culinary Adventures

We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Aromhuset’s Zero Candy Cubes, which we can’t wait to show you the incredible power from this syrup. Its pure candy pop essence is not only perfect for crafting a delectable sugar-free sweet drink; it can also be used as a flavor enhancer in food items of all kinds. Imagine putting it in ice cream or stirring it into your homemade jams; the possibilities are thrilling.

Incredibly, it’s possible to mix incredibly delicious cocktails with whisky, brandy or even bitters.

It’s a breeze to mix 40ml syrup with carbonated water gives an incredibly delicious flavor that we hardly noticed the sugar at all. If you’re trying to control our calorie intake and/or catering to specific diets, it’s an absolute game changer as it’s just five kcal per 100ml in addition to its vegan credentials.

But, the flavor is a bit subjective. It may conjure up nostalgia trips through the era of classic tastes of cola, some us thought that the flavor was too artificial when compared to conventional sodas. However, for a drink that can be made at home, it’s impressively close and definitely refreshing.

This Swedish dessert is extremely value and also great value. Afterall, 500 ml of syrup magically transforms into a whopping 12.5 litres of fizzy drink. In other words, from our foodie excursions to satisfying our soda cravings Aromhuset’s concentrate is a staple in our food arsenal.

Amazing Value for Money

We’ve found this Zero-Sugar Candies soda syrup to offer a significant price. Imagine the ease of use and savings we’re able to enjoy out of a single 500 ml bottle. It produces 12.5 Liters of sugar-free refreshments which is great for those who are health conscious as well as anyone looking to sip at something sweet with no guilt. Also, it’s great with those of us that are conscious of our spending as homemade drinks are typically less costly as opposed to store-bought bottles and cans.

Sure, there was some arguing among reviewers about taste preferences, but honestly, the versatility of this syrup takes the cake. Whether for an iced lolly or jazzing up a cocktail it’s great for individuals who like making a little DIY magic. It’s true, being able adjust the sweetness to fit our preferences is a real plus – especially since a lesser quantity can work given its incredibly sweet.

Each sip may not be a one-to-one hit, and there were some who criticized the drink. It’s true that a majority percentage of us were to tears by the taste and the convenience. It’s an amazing alternative when the real deal isn’t available, and ultimately, its cost per litre makes us raise our glasses with a cheery cheer for value!


Pluses and Minuses

We’ve just tested the newest Aromhuset Zero – Sugar Candy Cubes we’ve stumbled upon some aspects that stick out in both favorable and negative light. This could change the balance for you in the case you’re contemplating the sugar-free taste.

  • Make Your own drinks: Customising drinks at yourself is simple using these syrup concentrates. Mix, swirl, and you’ll have a refreshing fizzy drink ready to serve.
  • Flexible to Dietary Restrictions: Being sugar-free and diabetic-friendly and a little sweet from Sucralose which is guilt-free satisfaction for us and maybe numerous others trying to cut back on sugar.
  • Multi-purpose: It’s not just meant for drinks. In fact, we’ve seen it’s use very wide, enhancing everything from ice creams to confectionery. It is refreshing to find.
  • Economy A mere 500 milliliters of this concentrate produces an incredible 12.5 L of soda. We believe that it’s a budget-friendly option for the long-term.
  • Taste: No taste buds loved the taste, which, while it’s not an exact representation of the top brand sodas, comes pleasantly similar to a sugar free version.
  • Pluses and Minuses

    • A Taste of Precision Although we liked the flavor, opinions differ as well as some may find the taste distinct than their typical sodas.
    • Mixing correctly: Getting the mix just right is essential. Otherwise the flavor could be too strong or too weak. We had to play around a bit to discover our ideal taste.
    • A sour aftertaste If we’re honest Some of us notice a synthetic taste aftertaste which might not be everyone’s cup of tea.
    • Flavour Variety: The HTML0 comes in various flavours, all will be a hit. It takes a bit of trial and error in order to determine the one that sits well with our palate.
    • Prices: One might be able to find that the initial expenditure a slightly expensive compared to regular soft drinks, but considering the amount it creates we believe it could be worth it at the final.
    • Candy Cubes soda offers a unique sweet-tasting experience that may not go with your initial expectations. It’s not ideal for everyone’s taste.
    • It is unique as an exclusive soda on market that has this distinct candy flavor.

    Our time with it was an experience in fizz, and we’d suggest giving it whirl if you’re leaning towards the healthiest, most customizable soda choice. You might discover the perfect refreshment for you!

    True Customer Testimonials

    As we’ve gone through our fair experimentation with the syrup, we’ve found that getting the mix right is critical to enjoying an enjoyable glass. Most of us have discovered that a tiny fraction of the recommended amount hits the right sweet spot, yielding a flavour close to that of brand-name diet colas. One user even stated that it is able to stand against the flavor of the “big brand,” which is a praise in the sense of it!

    However, it’s not just music being played, but some have also expressed their struggles to find the right balance and report a sour aftertaste in the event of mixing it incorrectly. There’s also a brief mention of one of their Blood Orange varieties Blood Orange variety not living up to expectations due to its pronounced artificiality, suggesting that other flavours might be a better choice.

    Cost has come up as one of the factors to consider. While certain individuals see the value in it but others feel the cost did not match their experiences, particularly when the desired “tonic” essence was completely missing. We’re nevertheless intrigued by how many of us are turning to these sugar-free options with a few of us recalling the soft drinks from the 80s and taking on the modern twist.

    From our collective experience, it’s obvious that this syrup is a hit providing a nostalgic and tasty treat, provided the mix is just right. It’s all about personalizing the taste, and because most people find that, it’s worth experimenting to make the perfect home-made fizzy delight.

    End Summary

    We’ve had the pleasure of trying the Aromhuset’s Zero Sugar Candy Cubes and it’s safe to say it’s an absolute game changer for sugar-conscious soda lovers. Imagine the satisfaction of drinking down a delicious, bubbly soda without guilt! The buzz with consumers is that it’s a cult drink for the people who enjoy mixing up their taste. We’ve found that a bit lower amount of syrup than is recommended is just right for sweetening and delivers a flavor like mainstream diet drinks and without the sugar rush!

    There are exceptions to bubbly perfection. Some of us felt the taste drifted towards the artificial flavor, particularly this Blood Orange variant which had an aftertaste but didn’t bring everyone to. It’s also not the least expensive syrup but if you consider that it makes up around 12.5 litres of soft drink We think it’s well worth some money.

    And lastly, watching a handful of people drinking a glass without even noticing the sugar-free switcheroo will prove that Aromhuset has something to say. It’s not your typical coke flavour, but how often did we ever get used to the average? Happy healthier drinking!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It’s true that we’ve had plenty of fun playing with the many concoctions you can whip up with Zero Candy Cubes! Now let’s tackle some of the burning questions you have regarding this fantastic product.

    What delicious tastes can one imagine when they bite into one of the Zero sugar bar?

    For a classic tasting test, we found that each shot of syrup erupts into a taste akin to the traditional soda flavours. The thing that is interesting is that it’s tailored to be vegan and diabetic-friendly!

    Would you please share the calorie content of a single Zero candy bar to all of us tracking our desserts?

    Certainly! Calorie counters can breathe easy at this point. There’s just 5 kcal for every 100ml serving. It’s the ultimate goal for those who try to keep those calories under control.

    What are the scrumptious ingredients of the ingredients of a Zero candies?

    Here’s the area where Zero Candy Cubes genuinely shines. The syrup is sugar-free, thanks to Sucralose. Plus, it’s crafted with natural flavourings, making it suitable for a variety of dietary requirements, including vegan.

    There are numerous theories as to what makes Zero Candy Cubes a unique. You’ve got the details – every drink will bring a touch of nostalgia but without the calories and sugar!